My Story

Growing up we always had animals and we always had candles to mask the smell. In fact we had so many candles in our home that I used to tease my mom and tell her it looked like we were having a seance! When I moved out and went to college I carried on the tradition of lots of candles, and with that I have had a few accidents with them! In 2010 I attended my first Scentsy party that my friend was hosting. I had no clue what Scentsy was but went to support my friend. I ordered a warmer and scents for my mom and when they arrived we decided to host our own party! We fell in love with the products right away! We loved the gorgeous detailing of the warmers, the amazing smells of the scents, and how affordable the products were! Shortly after, I was at my parents house with my baby ferrets and one of them decided she wanted to smell the candle that my parents were burning. Before I could even grab her we could hear the sizzle of her little whiskers being singed. From that moment on I knew candles were no longer an option for me, plus I was in love with my new Scentsy warmer that I had earned at my party! I talked to my husband and told him that I wanted to sell Scentsy, I figured if nothing else at least I could get paid to feed my own addiction! I would have never guessed that my business would have grown to where it is today! 

Now that I am a mom I am even more grateful for these incredible products!! I don't have to worry about my baby burning himself, or using harsh chemicals to clean. (The counter spray is a must in our house!) Scentsy is such an amazing company and the products truly speak for themselves! If you have not tried any of our products, why not?! I am available by phone, text or email to answer any questions! Want to earn your products for free or half-price, lets set up a party! Want to start your own journey with Scentsy, I would love for you to join my team!